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DFS Associates Acquisition Services Tokyo Japan on Mergers and Acquisitions Services for Buyers

DFS Associates take pride in our investment-banking company for its superior quality of our clients, not just in terms of their size but also in the diversity of our exclusive network of private middle-market firms. Our increasing set of sellers includes companies all over the World, all of which operate in various business sectors, such as Manufacturing, Construction & Mining, Transportation, Business Services, Wholesale, Communications & Utilities, and many others.

DFS Associates have deep experience in both international and local deals and continue to seek strategic and financial investors globally for the benefit of our clients.

Prospective buyers may provide information through our secure Buyer Registration Form, allowing us to determine suitable acquisition prospects for closer evaluation. Upon registration, possible acquirers may likewise read our up-to-date acquisition potentials open to them.

Representing Buyers

Our banking company delivers excellent advisory services for Japan and international corporations; private investor groups and others looking to purchase Tokyo, Japan private middle-market firms that satisfy certain acquisition goals. With our deep source of expertise and resources, we can pinpoint profitable investment options not presently available in the open market, providing acquirers to attain their specific goals through the most suitable businesses.

To obtain more information regarding our complete list of buyer services, email us at

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